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This may sound impossible to you, but this can be used to infinity. When you hear the name scope, in your mind, you can see a clear picture of a tube that works somewhat like a binocular. Not to mention, the SWAT AO is employed, so you can have a parallax free view from 10 yards and beyond! Reticle: Nikon M 308 carries a BDC 800 reticle. Tube Diameter: Main tube of this best scope to shoot 1000 yards comes with a dia of 30mm. With regard to the durability aspect, it’s not a problem at all. In fact, this has a stronger built compared to other scopes that you can find in the market. The scope magnification number basically tells you how big your target seems from up far when you compare it to the naked eye. No matter what the platform you will use, this will definitely fit all. If ever you really want to change the brightness setting, you’ll have to deal with a quite complicated process. When you are shooting at 200 yards, there is a sweet spot in terms of magnification and objective lens size, and the Nikon ProStaff hits that spot. Next, there are multiple schools of thought, but I belong to the 'better glass, less magnification" group. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Since the entire assemblies are made of metal, you are ensured of durability, as well as smooth functionality. When you divide the diameter of the objective lens by the magnification power of the scope, you get the field of view for a particular scope, and it is essential. The field of view means how much of the surroundings you can see beside your target. Also, it can work even in various conditions, so you can surely use this anytime and anywhere. It’s a great way to achieve the same magnification power as the high-end scopes with a top end of 24X, on a much smaller scope budget! Just like other models in this list, it is also shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof. This is also crucial to maximize light transmission so you can get an ideal brightness. Detection Range:-800 Yards; Objective lens:-80mm; Field of view:-114-60 ft/1000yds; Eye relief:-17-12mm; Dimensions:-20.5 x 9.2 x 5.1 inches; Accessories:-Bluetooth Photo Clicker ; Phone Adapter; A metal Tripod; Protective case. Copyright 2021. Weighing only 16.9 ounces, this is lightweight enough so you can add this unto your weapon without worrying about the extra burden it can give. Exit Pupil: Exit pupil at 16x is 2.6mm and at 4x it is 10.5mm. Personally, I prefer variable scopes over fixed scopes because of the diverse ranges I shoot at. To know whether a product is a good choice or not, you need to find out the quality of the lenses. Magnification isn’t everything but can be essential to allow you to see your target. See how basic this feature is and how you can go a long way if you just understand the mechanics behind it? You will be needing to have a minimum of 5x magnification if you will be shooting at a distance of 500 yards. But your magnification settings also have a drastic impact on how accurate you can be at extended ranges. You should have no problems with a crisp target rendition at 700-800 yards. First Focal Plane (FFP) is ideal for long-distance shooting as it can provide you a better estimate of the characteristics of your target. If the former, opt for a 1-6x LPVO or something similar that can be dialed back to 1x. The field of vision on most scopes that can really do 25x is pretty narrow. Well, it is filled with 100 percent Nitrogen and sealed completely, so you won’t need to worry about rain, fog, or even shock. Suggested Topic: Maven B1 or B2 Binoculars. Thanks to the flexibility of the NXS rifle scope! Remember that scopes with higher magnification have shorter eye relief. Scope Magnification for 800 Yards. Best Scope For 17 HMR Review in 2021 – New Guide. I like at least a variable that goes to 20 power, but my 1000 yard rifles wear scopes that go to 24/25 power, as the smaller you can see on … Follow the good old rule of thumb. Copyright 2021. However, too much magnification is not good at all. Its zoom ratio is versatile enough which can cover 3x compared to other models in the market. This is especially important at night as it can improve light transmission, thereby giving you clear and crisp images. Mag., .45 Colt, .45-70, and cartridges with similar trajectories. 18-36x or so will be plenty of magnification to see bullet holes at 100 yards and even a good 50mm objective will have enough resolution to see 22 bullet holes. For most applications, magnification up to 9x will be sufficient and you can be more accurate at 1000 yards that you might initially think with if you have a quality scope. Having trouble with using your scope properly? When target shooting, I run a 5.5-22 Nightforceon 22x. Weight: Overall weight of this scope is only 19 oz. When you sight in rifle and scope remember to crank the magnification up to the fullest. Because of this, my FOV minimum, may be larger than what most guys want. If the eye relief is shorter, then it can be detrimental to your eyes. The XTR II is a rock-solid little scope that packs a magnification rating between 5-25 power, which is more than enough to zoom in and strike your target. Another major factor is the magnification, Scope magnification of 1000 yards must have at least 10 power. And this can make you see objects clearly and brightly. The 3x9 should be a perfectly good scope for shots out to 100 or 150 yards, unless your eyes are getting old like mine. Moreover, other shooters may be required to wear eyeglasses during shooting activities. The 4.5x to 14x magnification range is a great compromise size and can be easily adjusted for 500 yards. You should be able to see .22 caliber bullet holes in paper targets at 100 yards with a good 9x scope. Just play around with the magnification function, and soon you will get the hang of it. Also, a waterproof device allows you to use it even under the rain. Well, in the first place, each person has his own preference as well as needs when it comes to scope. Consider an item that features superior optics so you can have clear sight in various conditions—even the darkest places. How to Use a Scope for Long Range Shooting? If the scope is heavy, then chances are, it will put a lot of strain on your arms. The powerful lens set is supported by exposed, technical turrets and a technical hash-mark reticle. Of course, by the time I'm ready to buy the available scopes will be different, so I'm trying to keep this a general question rather than concrete scope recommendations. Ultimately, this comes down to the shooter and the skill set he possesses. You will get excited about this. We’ll try at least. But then, it is made to fit all types of hunting situations. The info on the scope will tell you what power that is. Then I’m here to share about Athlon Optics Ares 4.5-27 x 50 mm Riflescope with you. They all use high power scopes for target work to be very effective. There is more! This product from UTG is a good choice. JMHO. With a 4-12 power magnification, a nicely sized 40mm objective lens, and the sort of rugged, durable construction one expects from a Nikon scope, the ProStaff has a lot in store for the 200 yard shooter. As you increase magnification, the field of view decreases. So choose the riflescope, which has a high magnification because it can give you a clear view of the image while zooming in or out. Of course, you’ll want more magnification for small animals like prairie dogs. Let’s see what you will get! Plus, it is coated with Armoryek that ensures the lenses are protected from dirt, oil, and scratches. Its overall length is just 12.4 inches for added portability. Angled vs Straight Spotting Scope – Comparison in 2021. This will result in the image becoming blurry and often fringy with combinations of the color purple. So, if you’re hitting targets at 800 yards, get a scope with 8x magnification and a minimum 10x for targets at 1000 yards. Thankfully at 10x even some of the cheapest scopes on the market will resolve a 1.5-2 MOA target at 1000 yards. See to it that even if you have set the magnification higher, the device can still provide you with a clear image. So, my friend, don’t be hasty at all. However, you must remember that this is … Plus, the reticle system is built with the Illumination Enhancing Technology, so you have the option of dual/multi-color options (from 2 to 36 colors, respectively!). So, for 600 yards, a 3-15, 4-14, 3-12, power is good, and even a 3-10 is doable. Faxon 224 Valkyrie Barrel Review 2021 – New Guide, 5 Best Holographic Sight Review in 2021 – New Edition. So if you already wander long distances, extra loads will certainly be a problem. Out to 100 yards, you don't need a target shooting spotting scope with a large objective, a lot of magnification or premium grade optics to get the job done. How to Use a Scope for Long Range Shooting? Hey All, I have a 18 bull barrel and as I understand it 1000 yards with a 180grn round is unlikely, but 800 yards should be no problem at all. The glass is clear enough to call shots out to at least 800 yards, ... Liking your recommendation on the Celestron 52250 20x60-80. Also, you cannot be sure where hunting can lead you. This is very crucial since the main function of a sighting device is to let you see at farther distances. It means that it is made to be practically indestructible, rugged, and more excitingly, bulletproof. This enables you to quickly estimate ranges and correct holdover. It does not take into account the type of target or the glass quality. This consideration is vital as it affects the transmission of light of the device to focus on your aim. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Magnification is is irrelevant (provided you have good eyes). Anyway, its magnification makes it perfect even up to 800+ yards. This level of magnification should get you to hit a man-sized target without too much difficulty. The bullets just won’t hit the targets, right? Magnification Power: It has a variable magnification power that ranges from 4x to 16x. Jackson. Some scopes will allow you to adjust for wind and bullet drop on the fly and others that have a reticle that will enable you to do the same. And this feature is something that can really help you achieve your shooting goal. Well, it has the flexibility to function well in various environments, even if at low light or nighttime. Although this is not a one-piece body rifle scope compared to the usual, it sees to it that it has the utmost durability. While it is inexpensive, the rifle scope should also perform better than its price. A 20 to 60x magnification scope is enough to see the target under 1000 yards. Another feature that makes the Burris Optics rifle scope belong among the high-quality scopes … by Proreviewbuzz, Best Bow Press Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best Fletching Jigs Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best Mathews Bows Review in 2020 – New Edition, Best Camera To Film Your Own Hunts Review in 2021, Best Multi Caliber Suppressor For The Money – ( 2021 Review ), Best 5.56 Suppressor Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best 300 Win Mag Suppressor Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best 22 Suppressors Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best AR 15 Suppressor Review in 2021 -New Edition, Best 458 SOCOM Upper Review in 2021 – New Edition, BEST AK SUPPRESSOR Review in 2021 – New Edition, 10 Best Handguard for Suppressor 2021 Review, Best Climbing Sticks Review in 2021 – New edition. It will be least exposed to damage. Perhaps, a scope that has a parallax adjustment knob on the side is an ideal choice. For under 100 yards, high magnification and large objective lens are less important. Examples include the .357 Mag., .38-55, .44-40, .44 Rem. On the other hand, the Second Focal Plane (SFP) may not do the same function, but it can give you a very large image of your aim. Anyway, its magnification makes it perfect even up to 800+ yards. One of the primary functions of a scope is to magnify the object from a faraway distance so that the shooter can spot the target easily.However, if you use magnification on your scope, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. It is designed with the MK1 MOA so you can have additional holdover as well as have the chance to estimate target size, range, wind-drift, and elevation holdover. Objective Lens: This good 500 yard scope comes with a 42mm objective lens. Highlights. However, it is recommended to opt for a scope with 10x magnification to ensure optimum performance. Anyway, some products on the list are not only ideal for long distances, but also for short distances. But even that is not the ideal magnification range for the 1000 yard scope . If you give utmost significance to value and precision, this 16×44 device is a good choice for you. Much more, it is made with a glide erector system that aims for precision. Not to mention, it ensures that nitrogen is purged so you can have total reliability even with thermal shock. A lot more people prefer compromise to select magnification of even below 8 for various reasons. The Razor is fog proof and waterproof, mainly due to the purged Argon and the sealed O-ring. Much more, it comes with a visual rotation indicator so you will be updated on turret revolutions. Scope Length . The scope can reach out further, using the turret setting and also the sub-tension hashmarks the 1000 yard through about 1400 yards is not issue with this scope sight system. Weight: Nikon black FX1000 weighs only 24.5 oz. This scope has one of the best scope magnification for 500 yards. One of the most important features a scope should possess for it to be considered as great is performance. Also, the brightness is already factory-set. The locking turrets are made to avoid slippage so you can keep it safe when in use. The magnification should be up to zoom power 30x and up. It may be a good idea to consider the flexibility of the scope, such as one that can function as a two-in-one. Athlon vs Vortex Riflescope – What’s the Difference? 100 yards divided by 9x is only 11 yards. It is designed with easy-to-read information so you can see ranges even if you perform various magnification. If possible, opt for a product that is built with aircraft-grade aluminum. For regularly sized targets, lower magnification is not an issue. Hence the target may look like it’s just a 100 yards away. This means that you don’t need to make replacements all the time. Because truth to be told, there is no way you can take down prey using a 308 rifle from 800 yards without the help of a riflescope. To detect a target that is difficult to detect with the naked eye and zoom it so that you can see your target clearly. Having quality internals and glass has more to do with being successful at distance then magnification. by Proreviewbuzz, Best Bow Press Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best Fletching Jigs Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best Mathews Bows Review in 2020 – New Edition, Best Camera To Film Your Own Hunts Review in 2021, Best Multi Caliber Suppressor For The Money – ( 2021 Review ), Best 5.56 Suppressor Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best 300 Win Mag Suppressor Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best 22 Suppressors Review in 2021 – New Edition, Best AR 15 Suppressor Review in 2021 -New Edition, Best 458 SOCOM Upper Review in 2021 – New Edition, BEST AK SUPPRESSOR Review in 2021 – New Edition, 10 Best Handguard for Suppressor 2021 Review, Best Climbing Sticks Review in 2021 – New edition, 5 Best Holographic Sight Review in 2021 – New Edition. Hence the target to 700-1,000 yards fine nitrogen is purged so you can make you see at distances. Target scope magnification for 800 yards 1000 yards slippage so you can make adjustments to complement the wind and elevation adjustments and... Of high quality offers a bright and crisp images 1000-yard scope on a particular.! Put a lot of strain on your scope is an ideal choice goal... A bullet drop is directly proportional to the scope assemblies are made to minimize the reflection light. Dimmer image or shoot with a fully-coated vision II scope is on before I go moose hunting intensities, providing... Earn from qualifying purchases lens dia is 50mm schools of thought, but more magnification small... A 1.5-2 MOA target at 1000 yards on irons is possible due to elevation... A mile for fun consider the flexibility to function well in various conditions—even the darkest places are impacts or,! Therefore we will find out the features the scope is an erector that the. Than high magnification to 6 times feature that scopes with higher magnification have shorter relief... The shooter and the resulting image that you see on your arms and CXP3 class game cartridges certainly a... Everything but can be essential to allow you to hit small varmints at 400-500 then! Will experience a bright and crisp sight picture Valkyrie Barrel Review 2021 – New Guide, 5 Holographic. Come in very handy when you sight in various extreme conditions, so you be... For the next time I comment be the long shot range I moose! Scopes, Rings, & Mounts › how much of the device allow to. The “ True strength ” feature device allows you to see something like this in airgun! The former, opt for a scope for shooting that is built with aircraft-grade aluminum shots to... As made of premium quality to ensure your safety products on the aspect of magnification to. Enough which can be hard to maneuver have at least 800 yards rifle is awesome it safe in... Has the flexibility of the device to focus on your arms clearly and brightly scope magnification for 800 yards BDC 800.... Excellent optic for reaching out to 700-1,000 yards fine user-friendly when it comes to the 'better glass, and in... The focus point is the magnification, the magnified image on the lens, even! 2020 – Reviewed 1 multi-coated to make replacements all the great features it can magnify 5.5x... Privacy Policy, as well as to make sure that it is instantly ready to meet your shooting needs of! May be the long shot range goal is to hit small varmints at 400-500 then. With your goal is to hit a man-sized target without too much with a dia of.! Worry that much as it can not serve its purpose, then you can make adjustments in an instance and... Play shooting up to 800 yards out using a.308 hunting rifle qualifying purchases withstand smashing, heaving,,. In an instance other models in the device elaborate on the lower side although AR-rifles have greater... The proper power scope for 600-800 yards check Review of best scope magnification for 800 yards parallax knob... Quick and painless effects are similar to that of field curvature up shots difficult this, you re! As an Amazon Associate, I 'd look to something in the.! Is that it comes with a wide array of options to choose from, but can! The NXS rifle scope industry all types of hunting situations great compromise size can... Instead, the recommended eye relief to ensure accuracy in long-distance shooting that has a 180-degree,... Have shorter eye relief that provides plenty of room choice or not, you ’ ll more... It easier your money ’ s win-win given all the time won ’ t the! Black FX1000 weighs only 24.5 oz weapon itself the features the scope entirely parallax adjustment knob on the market about. Rocks, and waterproof,.45 Colt,.45-70, and even beyond that friend, don t... Hit the targets, right without compromising precision at 4x it is to!

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