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Depending on the hardware and the system, you can: Door knobs are a common version of keyed entry hardware, offering traditional design and operation. Storeroom door knobs are used for storage doors where outside door entry should always stay locked unless opened with a key. Understanding Door Lock Parts. Door levers are left-handed, right-handed or universal. Those referred to as “passage sets” are for doors that don’t require a lock. What are your design requirements? Make sure the hardware will work with your door thickness. ... Like other single cylinder locks, the Schlage accepts a key on the exterior and features a thumb-knob on the inside of the door. Decorative door pull without a lock makes it easy to open the door just by pushing or pulling. Unlocking the door from the inside is easy a… Hardware with a drive-in configuration has no plate. A knob or lever operates the latch from the inside. An interior lockset. Grade 1 is the highest. For example, lever handle door locks are used for inner doors and work much like knob locks. entry door knobs: Entry door knobs are the most common types of door locks. Single cylinder locks only have a space for a key on one side. If the hinges are on the left, look for a left-handed or universal lever. Locking the knob prevents the latch from being disengaged from the outside without a key. Some models disengage the lock when you manipulate the inside lever, offering a simpler means of exit. The thumb-knob … Knob locks are commonly installed in residential homes on exterior doors in addition to … A door lock should … For more details, see. 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST. Some door hardware comes with an adjustable backset, some you have to specify what you need. Note the hardware's required bore hole size: the diameter of the hole in the door. What’s your budget? When shopping for door hardware, here's some basic information you need to know. Steel front entry doors are a great option if you need to stick to a strict budget. 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While this has the benefit of making them very easy to lock and to operate, this means that they can be locked easily by small children. Locking the knob prevents the latch from being disengaged from the outside without a key. The main parts of a door lock are the cylinder, bolt, box and strike plate. Single-cylinder deadbolts require a key to unlock from the outside but unlock with a small knob or thumb turn on the inside. This can also be a disadvantage for some, as arthritis sufferers find them less than ideal. Some models feature easy-to-use push-button locking on the inside and locks that disengage when you turn the inside knob. Interior doors. levers that don’t turn, these knobs merely lack the locking functionality. When deciding which type of lockset best suits your needs, consider the following points: Electronic locks provide security and convenience. As the name suggests, it is best for any room you may need privacy, like your bedroom and bathroom. Look for brushed metals for a contemporary look and chrome hardware for modern appeal. Are you interested in a smart home platform? You can also find biometric locks that read your thumbprint. Rather than relying on a key for operation, you use a numeric keypad, touch screen or keychain remote. The included deadbolt may be single- or double-cylinder, depending on the model. They’re also simple to install and are an inexpensive option for non-locking applications inside your home. Make sure to check the rating on storeroom knobs and other types of locks to ensure premium storage security. Some knob and lever sets include deadbolts. How often do you need to grant access to your home? If you use a double-cylinder deadbolt, keep a key in a designated location for easy access in an emergency. If you had to find a door knob in the next thirty seconds, you would probably know where to look. Free Shipping Offer. This type is the most … Door hardware serves a few purposes: securing your home, adding beauty, allowing convenience. They improve security if the door has glass near the lock, but they can take longer to unlock and are prohibited in some areas for some types of buildings. One of the most common type of door locks, knob locks are used on all kinds of doors; … Dummy hardware can serve a decorative purpose — matching operational hardware on double doors — or can serve as knob or lever pulls on interior doors that don't require functional hardware. Cylinder. Best Overall: Kwikset 991 Juno Entry Knob. Door viewers, sometimes called peepholes, are sets of lenses that install in an exterior door to give you a wide-angle view of the outside. 718-721-8955. This feature can be helpful if you've lost a key and want to assure it can't be used to gain entry to your home. This prevents anyone from being trapped in a windowless storage room. Live Help. They feature a latch that disengages when you turn the knob. They can be locked and unlocked by an emergency key on the outside, and a push-button or turn button from the inside. If you want to learn more about door knob functions or shop the widest selection of door hardware, including  However, you may not be able to do this with locks of different brands. Our local stores do not honor online pricing. They operate with a latch and require rotation of the handle to open the door. If the hinges are on the right, you need a right-handed or universal model. Look for locks that let you create temporary access codes that you can send to guests or service providers. Grade 2 offers mid-level security, while Grade 3 provides basic security. Deadbolt locks create a second locking point for your door when paired with a locking knob or lever, giving you an additional measure of security. All Rights Reserved. Despite the rich variety of other door hardware in the 19th century, manufacturers clearly tried to outdo each other in a quest to make knobs out of the most novel materials or inventive processes. The other side has a twist knob that locks the door from the other side. It’s useful for any DIY-er to know how things around the home operate. The Baldwin Round Door Knobs come in seven classic finishes, including both matte and shiny metallic shades like black, nickel, chrome, and gold. Half dummy door knobs are non-locking door knobs that don’t have to be rotated or turned when opening or closing a door. There are other types of door hardware available to improve security: Door hardware is available in finishes to match or help define your home décor. Electronic locks that integrate with home security or home automation systems — sometimes called connected locks — give you even more convenience and functionality. Site design by EYStudios, Types of Door Knobs and Where to Use Them, Take note of the door knob’s required borehole size, Make sure replacement door knobs will fit your door, Check the required backset for your replacement door knobs, Determine whether the bolt or latch has round-corner or square-corner configuration, Door knobs purchased should be right for the application, Check the security grade for different types of entry door knobs, Look for premium-security designs with finishes that match your home’s design theme. Look for designs that resist attempts to defeat an entry lock, such as picking, bumping, prying and drilling. The keyed entrance lockset – this type is lockable from both sides. A thickness of 1 3/8 inches is standard for interior doors, while 1 3/4 inches is standard for exterior doors. They feature a latch that disengages when you turn the knob. Pushing the lever down disengages the latch. update the look and style of the doors in your new home, there are many different types of door knobs available to fit your needs. Today, there are a variety of ways you can secure your doors, whether you opt for smart technology features or standard keyed entry door handles and knobs. Door knobs are a common version of keyed entry hardware, offering traditional design and operation. You can find handlesets with right-handed, left-handed and universal levers. handlesets, deadbolts, keyless locks, and door accessories, get started at Door Locks Direct. They’re available in a wide variety of designs, styles, and finishes to complement your home’s interior decor. Many door knobs have trim plates that cover the screws, so removing them can be a bit tricky if you've never done it before. This type of door hardware locks to offer privacy. They are "dummy" knobs, keyed entrance, passage and privacy doorknobs. Has a locking … You can also find hardware that works with multiple configurations. This is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole. As for esthetics, look for dual-torque springs that prevent knobs from sagging and a no-tarnish lifetime finish. Levers and handlesets usually need a hole 2 1/8 inches in diameter. Round-corner and square-corner configurations have a plate surrounding the latch or bolt on the edge of the door. Double Cylinder. Privacy door knobs are designed for interior doors. Bore Hole and Cross Bore - Standard door prep is 2 1/8" Bore hole with 1" cross bore. Even if the door is opened from the inside, the door will be locked again as soon as it closes. Some are merely decorative, some are functional, and others are used as security measures. We offer free shipping on orders over $299 and free standard rekeying. Some electronic locks detect the presence of a registered smartphone or key fob and unlock with a touch. Each type of lock is built differently, but let’s take a look at the anatomy of a typical door lock usually used in homes or light commercial buildings. When a door latch doesn’t click into position, it usually means the … That way, you’ll never need to hide a spare key outside, which potential burglars often know to look for. Door Thickness - Standard doors are 1 3/8" - 1 3/4" thick. Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. See our different types of door knobs and place your order today. The key side is on the external part of the door, while the internal part has the knob so that you can lock your door from the inside without a key. If you're replacing a handleset, look for adjustable models that make it possible to use the existing installation holes in the door. Round Door Knobs. Replacement hardware needs to fit your door, and hardware for a new door requires a hole saw in the correct size.

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